Next generation acoustics design software

Experience the soundscape of your building – before it is built

Step into your 3D models, walk around and interact with your design in a real-time audio-visual virtual experience. Get an intuitive feeling for your space and ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Know exactly how your building will sound

Our cutting-edge wave-based algorithms help you reduce risk and ensure high quality designs that fulfill all regulation/certification requirements.

Test your designs in minutes

Stop wasting time on importing/exporting and reconfiguring models. Work with sound in your BIM software of choice. Instantly understand the impact of your design choices.

Communicate acoustics effectively

Get a competitive advantage by being able to communicate experiences instead of graphs and numbers. Make sure that all stakeholders understand the impact of different design choices.

Unleash your creativity

Sound and acoustics in buildings is not just about minimizing noise. Work with sound as a creative medium and create the right atmosphere of your design from the earliest sketches and throughout the whole design process.